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– KENNY ROGERS by Chuck Jacobs

This book is for Kenny Rogers’ fans, it gives you an insight into one of the most successful music careers ever.

Over the last 40 years playing bass on tour and in the studio with Kenny I’ve had some wonderful adventures and experiences which I document here along with many photos through the years on the road.

What Kenny had to say about Chuck:
“Chuck Jacobs is a bass player’s bass player.  He’s been with me thirty-three years and never missed a show.  He knows how to play each genre, and he lets each retain its integrity.” – Kenny Rogers, from his 2012 book “Luck or Something Like it”

The book covers:

◆ Who is Chuck Jacobs
◆ How I joined the group
◆ The Band
◆ The Fabulous 80’s
◆ All the TV times
◆ Dolly, Winona, Smokey, Garth, and all the acts we toured with
◆ Traveling the world with a superstar
◆ Memories


Come join me on my journey and relive the life and adventures of one of the great entertainers of our time.


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